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WATCH: Tilted Poker Player Flips Out, Flips Final Table Over

Japanese Poker Tournament Live Stream Interrupted By Angry Player


Not much is known about this wild situation at a poker tournament final table in Japan, live streamed on Jan. 30.

The final table of the no-limit hold’em tournament, the Japan Gold Dragon held in Osaka, was just underway when an apparent poker player went over to the table and tried to flip it.

The nine players seated at the table looked on while the man failed to flip the table, although he did lift it high enough to knock over all the chips and collapse one of the table’s legs. He left the scene momentarily before coming back to confront a dealer who was helping to clean up the fallen chips.

It’s unclear if the man had been knocked out of the tournament earlier or was there merely as an observer. Some have reported that he did not participate in the event, but instead had a dispute with the tournament organizer.

Luckily all the chip counts were recorded.

Check it out for yourself: