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WATCH: Doug Polk Makes Another Insane Fold At The Poker Table

Cardroom Owner And YouTube Personality Lays Down Set On The River


Doug Polk has proven once again why he’s a world-class poker player.

On a live stream of a high-stakes cash game at The Lodge Poker Club in Texas, which Polk himself recently invested in, the poker player founded himself with bottom set on a board reading ASpade Suit 7Club Suit 4Diamond Suit. Polk, who had the coveted button, had called a $150 preflop bet with 4Heart Suit 4Club Suit. Two other players also saw the flop.

On the four-way flop, it was checked to the preflop raiser, and he continued with a relatively small $200 bet. Polk was next to act and bumped it up to $675.

The other two players in the hand didn’t connect in any significant way and they mucked their cards, which brought the action back to the initial raiser.

He called the additional $475, building a pot worth $2,000. Polk was sitting with $46,500 behind, while his opponent had a smaller stack of $14,800.

The 8Heart Suit on the turn prompted a check over to Polk, and he bet $1,500.

Polk’s opponent decided to turn up the pressure by check-raising to $4,100. Polk went into thought for a bit before making the call, growing the pot to $10,200.

The 2Heart Suit landed on the river, and it was on Polk’s opponent. He elected to go all in for $10,700, slightly more than the size of the pot.

Polk went deep into the tank, before making the agonizing fold. Polk didn’t get to immediately see his opponent’s 8Diamond Suit 8Club Suit to know he was good, but it’s safe to assume he saw the video of the hand later and gave himself a big pat on the back.

The three-time WSOP bracelet winner decided on a fold through randomization. Polk indicated that some of the time he would call with that hand, but the majority of the time he needed to fold. In other words, there are some bluffs in his opponent’s range, but not enough, in Polk’s estimation, to call a majority of the time in this spot. Polk does lose to hands like 6-5 or 5-3, but those hands are less likely because his opponent opened preflop. A higher set was obviously a primary concern.

The fold of pocket fours on the river was a world-class play, but it’s arguably not as spectacular as Polk’s famous fold of a flopped straight against a higher straight from none other than Phil Hellmuth. Polk had the second-nut hand there, while he had the sixth-best possible hand in the fold at The Lodge.