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City Of Dallas Revokes Permit For Poker Room

Dallas City Councilman Indicates A Broader Effort Against Poker


A popular but unorthodox poker room in the city of Dallas, Texas might soon have to close, a possibly stunning development to a bustling live poker industry in the Lone Star State.

According to CBS11, the city sent a letter to the Texas Card House in Northwest Dallas that notified the poker room that its permit has been revoked. The poker room, like dozens of others around the state’s major cities, is able to get around gambling laws in Texas by not charging a traditional rake. Rather than take a piece of every pot, players pay hourly seat fees, among other revenue streams for the rooms.

CBS11 reported that it’s currently unclear whether any other card room in Dallas has received the same notice. The letter from an attorney with the city of Dallas said Texas Card House has been “keeping a gambling place,” and thus isn’t squaring with existing rules.

Texas Card House officially opened in 2020 after receiving approval from the city.

The reported revocation of the permit comes about week after a Houston poker room was the victim of an attempted robbery by a man carrying an AR-15. Shots were fired but no one was injured in the dangerous incident.

Dallas City Councilman Omar Narvaez told CBS11 that he supports Texas Card House.

“I think it’s unfair that all of the sudden all of these COs (certificates of occupancy) for all these card rooms have suddenly been revoked,” he said. “Unfortunately our city attorney has decided to change the idea of what he believes constitutes card rules according to the law.”

The comments from Narvaez imply a crackdown on other poker rooms like Texas Card House.

Texas Card House, which also has locations in Austin and Houston, reportedly is currently weighing its options. It doesn’t have any immediate plans to close.

The situation with Texas Card House follows a recent high-profile development for live poker in the state. The Lodge Poker Club, an Austin-area poker room, recently was backed by prominent poker YouTubers including Doug Polk.

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