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Former Poker Player And Survivor Contestant Anna Khait Accused Of Spying On Federal Agents

New York Times Alleges That Khait Was Part Of A Plot To "Discredit Perceived Enemies Of President Trump"


According to a report from the New York Times, former poker pro and Survivor contestant Anna Khait was part of a plot to spy on intelligence officials from the Trump administration.

The newspaper claims that according to “documents and people involved in the operations,” an organization called Project Veritas recruited Khait as part of a larger group of women that were tasked with taking F.B.I. employees on dates and use a secretly record them belittling the former president.

Project Veritas is a non-profit organization that uses similar tactics to the one described by the New York Times as a part of what founder James O’Keefe describes as investigative reporting.

A recent video released by the group showed CNN Technical Director Charlie Hester saying that the media company created propaganda to help oust President Trump from office. Hester also said that when it came to television news “fear drives ratings.” In every clip of the video, Hester appeared to be in a casual setting at a restaurant or diner as if he were on a date with someone.

It’s reported that Khait was one of several women living at a house in the Washington D.C. area rented by Project Veritas and was involved in similar activities. She was identified by a former employee of Project Veritas and another person as one of the women that had been involved with these types of operations.

The report states multiple times that it’s “unclear” whether Project Veritas funded or directed the operation, but it never wavered on Khait’s involvement in whatever operation was being run.

There was a brief period where Khait described herself as a professional poker player. The New York native was a familiar face in the poker world, despite cashing for just $12,811 over a four-year span between 2013-2016. Her last recorded tournament cash was for $1,497 thanks to a 75th-place finish in a $560 no-limit hold’em event at the Borgata Fall Poker Open.

Her lone cash at the World Series of Poker came in 2016 as well. She was part of a team that finished 115th in the $1,000 no-limit hold’em tag team event.

Khait used the publicity she gained from poker to secure a spot on the 32nd edition of Survivor. She was the fifth person to be voted off of the show.

She describes herself as a “Conservative Ex-Pro Poker Player,” according to her Twitter bio. Upon leaving the poker world, Khait transitioned to politics and used the notoriety from her reality TV appearance and her poker career to become a voice in the conservative movement. She was an outspoken Trump supporter on social media for the last several years and now has 276,000 followers on Twitter.

On Friday, Khait refuted the claims made by the New York Times, but acknowledged working for Project Veritas.

“The only truth the NYT posted is that I investigated a communist in the Department of State and he got fired,” tweeted Khait. “TRUE. It was at a public event. We never went on a date. I’m proud to have served my country. We should all want the truth.”

In subsequent tweets, Khait said that the newspaper is being sued by Project Veritas for libel and that she would be filing lawsuits against the publication as well. She denied ever being investigated by the F.B.I.