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Three Requirements For Succeeding With Online Poker In 2021

Here's What You Need To Know To Excel On The Virtual Felt


When you play online poker the obvious name of the game is to win money. Poker is a game of skill and not luck and once you know how to play the game you can increase your chances of winning by doing a few things. The three key things you can do to succeed playing online poker are use GTO solvers and have constant hand analysis, search for the best poker rakeback, and have access to many poker rooms.

GTO Solvers/Constant Hand Analysis

When you are playing online poker you always want to have constant hand analysis, so you can make the decision that tilts the odds in your favor increasing the chance you will win the pot. One of the ways that you can do this, no matter what type of poker game or tournament you play, is to use GTO solvers.

GTO stands for Game theory optimal, and is the umbrella term used to describe perfect no-limit holdem strategy. GTO solvers use advanced algorithms allowing players to set up a hand scenario and find an optimal solution to the problem. This way players can make in-depth analysis of each session after its played and solve any leaks that have been spotted.

Poker Rakeback

Poker rakeback is key when playing online poker, as it can add to your bankroll even if you lose often. The rake is the commission that the poker room takes for every hand and it is usually around 5% of the pot. The poker rakeback is then the money that you will get back from the poker room either weekly or monthly depending on how much you or you and other players contributed to the pot.

The rakeback will differ from poker room to poker room and you want to play at the room that offers the best rakeback percentage, so you can get the most money returned to you as possible. The rakeback is calculated in different ways, and the most common are:

• Contributed – The money that you contribute to the pot.
• Dealt – The money that you and other players contribute to the pot. Even if you fold the hand you will still receive a rakeback.
• Shared (aka progressive) – This is the less common of the calculations and it has to do with the money that you as well as others contribute to the pot. However, you will not get any rakeback from a hand if you do not contribute to the pot at any time or if you decide to fold.

With online poker games getting tougher by the year, its crucial to optimize the rewards you as a player get back when playing. Having a good deposit bonus or reaching a good tier of a VIP-program can be the difference of a winning or losing session.

Access to Many Different Rooms

If you have access to many different poker rooms and online casinos you can pick the best one at a certain time to increase your chances of winning. If a room has more traffic you can be sure there are more amateur players, which makes it easier to win, and has more games and a wider variety of stakes. If you have a choice of rooms to play at you can not only see the traffic and games and stakes available but also what the rakeback and reward system is.

Having access to multiple rooms and networks makes it possible to carefully table select and find the softest games at any given time. For tournament players, this is crucial since most of the networks tournament schedules are not busy enough for active grinders. Also, by playing at multiple rooms you can take advantage of more bonuses and promotions and VIP/loyalty programs.