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What Can Online Casinos Teach Us About Branding?

SlotV Casino Brings Entertainment To Gambling


Branding is a concept that is often confused with marketing, advertising, and other seemingly similar but essentially quite different concepts.

Branding is a marketing practice that aims to make a company recognizable by creating some memorable elements around it — it is not merely the logo or the colour-scheme created by the design team. Branding is about creating a story, a purpose behind the brand itself, and creating a community that finds interest in the same subject.

Let’s take a look at SlotV Casino as an example. SlotV is trying to build a strong social media presence to connect with the audience. And if you think that the casino is all about posting gambling-related content, you’re mistaken.

SlotV Casino merges educational posts on responsible gambling with the ongoing offers on their website and some random interesting info on making the perfect pancakes, space-related topics, or which movies they suggest to watch. The casino is trying to create an online community of players that is not continually being exposed to a hard sales pitch but gets access to other relevant or non-relevant (but not less interesting) information when they visit the Instagram or Twitter pages of the brand.

On top of that, SlotV Casino tries to play with concepts and invests a lot of time and effort into creating an immersive experience in the form of giveaways, quizzes, Q&As and other entertaining formats to involve their audience. Just a few weeks ago, SlotV casino had an awesome giveaway, where one lucky winner went home with a brand-new iPhone 12. It might be true that businesses are primarily tasked with making money, but SlotV proves that giving back to the community of players only strengthens the ties they are trying to build with their audience.

And what about the story, you might be wondering. Well, SlotV Casino has two mascots, Victor and Winner (a Jack-Russell dog).

SlotV is a space-themed casino, and Victor is the spaceship captain. He is serious and quite reserved, which is quite logical since he’s tasked with taking care of some vital aspects when it comes to the procedures of this online casino. On the other hand, Winner is a goofy dog who likes to crack a joke and makes SlotV an entertaining environment for the players.

In fact, the slogan of SlotV casino is “Live the adventure.” With this slogan, the online casino brand conveys the idea that people should only gamble for entertainment, and their casino experience should just be an adventure and not a source of their income.

The casino also keeps an adventure log. Victor and Winner share their stories with the audience and inform them about the new casino bonus offers running on the SlotV in an entertaining, non-invasive way.

The bright orange colour chosen by the casino are welcoming and flashy and “scream” energy. It is widely accepted that orange is a colour that triggers emotions such as excitement and enthusiasm, which is in line with SlotV’s views on what gambling should be about — entertainment.

Sometimes, businesses tend to ignore the importance of branding to focus on numbers and hard facts. The online casino industry specifically is a very competitive environment, and it’s nearly impossible to “calculate” the impact of branding on the overall return on investment. However, and even so, businesses should not disregard aspects like “sense of belonging” and the power that a brand personality can have in building trust, strengthening reputation and ensuring customer loyalty.

Branding is an effort, and even though it’s not measurable, it certainly pays off!