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PokerBROS Introduces New Anti-Bot Feature

Online Poker Platform Takes Steps To Protect Their Players


Keeping games fair and bot-free has always been a top priority for PokerBROS. Now with the launch of the “Photo Rotating Verification” feature, game creators can employ a powerful new tool to stop bots from sitting at their tables.

How Does It Work?

Despite its multisyllabic name, the process is simple (for a human) and takes seconds. Once a player clicks on an empty seat, a picture and slider pop up. They then have 15 seconds to align the photo horizontally by dragging the slider. After three failed attempts (three successive photos, each with a maximum of three attempts within the 15 second time limit), they will be removed and barred from joining the table.

To turn on Photo Rotating Verification, click the option in the menu after choosing “Create a new Table” (No Limit Hold’em, 6-Max Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha or Open Face Chinese Poker). Any player attempting to take a seat in the game will then need to complete verification to join the action (if seated players leave, they will need to verify again when re-joining the table). In ring games only, the verification popup will appear randomly during the game, with the same rules applying. In MTTs, the verification popup will also appear randomly during the game but will not boot those players that fail to complete. Instead, it will send an alert to Game Integrity Bros so that they can investigate.

This new, free feature gives Club Owners and Managers an extra level of protection from bots when setting up the wide variety of fully customisable games on offer. Combined with the Game Integrity Team’s focus on proactive detection, Photo Rotating Verification will help to keep PokerBROS a bot-free platform for fun, fair poker.