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Where To Play Video Poker And Poker Games For Free

Play Free Video Poker And Poker Games At


Play Free Video Poker And Poker Games

Most people believe that you have to make a deposit to play these games. This isn’t always true; have a look at that offers these games for free. If you have never played videopoker or poker, please visit SlotHits, which offers various kinds of bonuses to its players. This website also has a list of some very good casinos that you can try.

At SlotHits, you can try free videopoker and poker games on your mobile phone. These games work well on all iOS and Android devices. Play these games in your office, home or while you are commuting. SlotHits games are supported by most of the modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. There is no need to install these games on your mobile device.

How to play free video poker and poker on SlotHits?

You can simply select the game type in the Play Free Slots section of the website and you shall get a variety of games in your chosen category. For example, when you choose Video Poker, you will get 43 selections. Some of these games are Dwarf Mine, Champions of Rome, Cazino Cosmos, and Niagara Falls. You can even pick your favorite game producer also.

Some of the game producers on SlotHits are Yggdrasil, Betsoft, Playtech, PragmaticPlay, Nextgen, NetEnt, RTG, and Microgaming. The best part about playing on SlotHits is that you don’t have to register yourself. Simply choose your game and click the spin button. Poker and Videopoker are know to be be simple and highly entertaining games, but how do you play them? Carry on reading this article.

What is Poker and how do you play this game?

Poker is a very simple game to understand but very difficult to master. The reason is that you are playing against other players who have their own strategies that are difficult to guess. With free poker games on SlotHits. you can know when to fold, when to bluff and when to call the other players’ bluff. First, you need to learn the basic 5-card hands and their rankings.

The highest hand- royal flush-comprises 10, King, Queen, Ace, and Jack of the same suit. The Straight Flush has 5 consecutive cards of the same suit. If you have 4of a kind, this means you have 4 cards of the same rank but belonging to different suits. When you receive a Full House , this means you have 3 matching cards of one rank ,and two cards of another.

Other Card Combinations in Poker

Flush has five cards of any ranks from the same suit, while a Straight has five consecutive ranks from more than one suit. If you have three of a Kind, it means you have three cards of the same rank and two dissimilar cards. When you receive two pair, you have two cards of the same rank and two cards of another rank with one dissimilar card.

In a pair, you have two cards of the same rank plus three unmatched cards. The High Card has the lowest ranking and has two cards from the same rank and all the five cards are not consecutive. In the next stage, place all your bets. Now check your hand when the dealer hands you two cards. Raise, call or bet after each round.

More Poker Strategies

Check your ‘flop’ to see if you have received a great hand. Flop is the three cards that the dealer places on the table face-up after burning the first card. After the second round of betting, check your ‘turn’ card. This card is the face-up card next to the flop. In the next stage, check your ‘river’ card and choose the hand you will play.

What is a showdown?

In showdown, players remaining will reveal their cards starting from players to the left of the dealer. Now the players check the hands totals of all the revealed cards and find out who has won the jackpot. Tied players share the pot while players who fold don’t have to show their hands. In Texas Hold’em, you use any five of your seven cards to create a combination.

How is video poker different from poker?

Video Poker is easier to play than the standard poker game. Players of video poker just need to have a surface knowledge of poker. Players can control their bets easily on video poker; in poker, these bets can be erratic. Another advantage of playing video poker is that you can manage your bankroll much better. On SlotHits, you can play video poker for free.

In poker, players are under a lot of stress as there is so much of unpredictability around. If you are unable to anticipate the other player’s moves, perhaps you should consider migrating to video poker. In the latter game, your winning chances depend greatly on your own card combination, so you can control your gameplay easily. That said, your winning chances also depend on your strategy.

In Summary

To summarize, you can play poker and videopoker for free, and without any registration, on SlotHits. These games are mobile friendly and you can play them at home, in your office or even while commuting. Poker requires a lot of skill ,guess work and the capability to play under pressure. Video poker is easy to play and your chances depend greatly on your own card combination.