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Poker... And Other Games You Can Play In A Casino

Consider Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, And Baccarat Online


You can play poker and several other games at a table or in a casino. You can now play them online, too. Poker and the wider casino industry is as popular as ever, partly due to the way operators market the games and the experience so successfully. Some people take up poker or visit casinos as a way to pass the time. Some see it as a way to socialize. Some even go professional and play poker for a living (or if not professional, then to supplement their income). Below is a discussion of the different types of game you can play in a casino, starting with poker itself.

Poker And Its Variations

Poker places plenty of variety at the disposal of its enthusiasts, thanks to the different variations of the game, such as Texas Hold’em, which is easy enough to learn but is more strategic, is fast moving and may appeal to more advanced players; through to five-card draw, which is the basic version of poker and you might prefer if you want a more straightforward game with less strategy.

Before Texas Hold’em came along, there was seven-card stud. In this variation, players receive seven cards and have to make the best five-card hand from the seven cards they receive. Three are face down and four are face up and the player has the advantage of being able to see a lot of their opponent’s cards.

Then there’s Omaha, which is similar to Texas Hold’em and is much more pacey; and there’s the Hi/Lo, in which players have to get the lowest hand and the highest hand and, admittedly, could get a bit confusing.

If you’re a more advanced poker player and really want to mix things up, you can try Chinese poker at some casinos. In this intriguing variation, the player receives 13 cards and have to put together three hands: two five-scoring hands of five cards and one set of three. The game steers clear of blinds or ante stakes and uses “units” instead, a monetary amount which the players decide before the game. Players collect units from each player they beat and, since the game doesn’t involve poker chips, they keep the score with good old pen and paper.

Of course, when you go into a casino, online or offline, you don’t have to sit down to a poker table if that doesn’t feel like your bag. A lot of casinos offer some or all of the following games:


Slot Machines Have Grown In Popularity, Especially Since Operators Transitioned Online And Can Offer A Wide Variety Of GamesSlots are fun, fast and easy to play, which is all a big part of their appeal. Step into a reputable casino or sign up to a slots site provider online and you’ll be able to play on some of the best slot machines around.

The other beauty of slot machines is the sheer variety when it comes to the themes. You want a slot with a Superman theme? You’ve got it. Want one with a Hollywood blockbuster theme? There will be one out there somewhere. Aching for a bit of nostalgia? You’ll find slots closer to the classic fruit machine variety. Basically, ask and you’ll receive.


Roulette is a classic. It’s straightforward and, boy, is it exciting. There are various different ways to win — note that the American and European versions differ, with the American version tilting the edge slightly more in favor of the house. You can place outside bets, simpler bets in which you’ll bet on the ball landing on a group of colors (either red or black), on an odd or even number, on a high or a low number or similar features. Alternatively, and if you’re feeling really lucky, you can place more specific bets, such as a bet that the ball will land on a specific number or will stop on a line between a set of numbers.


Blackjack is card game that has the twist of not putting you up against the other players. Instead, you’re playing against the dealer, who will deal two cards to each player. You then have to get as close to 21 as possible without going bust and still achieve a higher hand than the dealer.

It’s a straightforward game, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to strategize. If you receive two cards that have the same value, for instance, you can split them and give yourself two opportunities to beat the dealer.


Various Casino Table Games Are Well-Known And Played Due To Classic Films Such As James BondBaccarat is where it all gets a bit James Bond, since this was the ultra-smooth secret agent’s preferred card game. The game involves two hands —the “Banker” hand and the “Player” hand — and the objective is to predict which of the two hands will total the closest to nine. Players do this by betting on either of the hands. Jacks, kings and queens all have a value of zero; aces have a value of 1; and all the other cards have the value on the card.

Games With A Live Dealer

If you visit an online casino, you don’t have to sacrifice human interaction and play as if you were playing on a computer, console or mobile device. Online casinos are forever looking to improve their offering and match the experience of visiting a land-based casino as closely as possible. They have live dealers who host games in real time. The player can join the table and streams the game into their home from a high-quality, high-definition video link. They can interact with the dealer and, generally, relax as they play. It’s a popular option and offers the player comfort and privacy while they play.

A casino wouldn’t be a casino if it didn’t offer poker games in some form, but that doesn’t mean you only have the choice of poker or nothing. Enter a casino online or offline and you have a delightful choice of different games from which to choose. All part of the fun of playing in a casino.