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The Most Famous Finnish Players In Poker

A Look At Finland's Best Card Players


Jani Sointula was born in Helsinki in the year 1975. He has played severally in the World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour. He has broken the world record a couple of times. His first World Poker Tour cash which occurred in 2006, he finished second, Christian Grundtvig having come first. Jani has earned lots of money from poker, for example, when he came first in the European Poker Tour. He runs an online poker which is Hellraiser.

Sami Kelopuro was born in 1987. He has participated twice in the World Series of Poker and European Poker Tour. He developed an interest in poker when he was legal of age where he ventured into online poker. His efforts made him a pro in the game as he didn’t stop even as he pursued his career of joining the army. After concluding his training, he decided to fully dedicate his time to online poker where he made large amounts of money from the business. He has therefore been a pro in online poker and only a few other players are willing to challenge him. All the top Finnish Poker players credit online videopokeri for their success. They practice new strategies at online casinos like these.

Another Finnish poker player is Patrik Antonius. He was born in 1980. He formerly played table tennis and was a model too. He has participated in World Series of Poker thrice, once in World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour. He became famous for finishing twice in a table at the European Poker Tour. In his series of winning, he has made lots of cash from the games as well as earning a name for himself. He is a pro in the game and enjoys participating in live tournaments and cash games. Patrik has however had consecutive losses to different people including Tom Dwan.

Ilari Sahamies was born in Helsinki in the year 1983. He is a pro in the game. He is widely known for his rude mouth especially during the game, as a way of attacking his opponents. He was playing live games before indulging in the online version of the game. He also decided to fully concentrate on the online game and abandoned all other businesses. This was a wrong move as it has resulted in a total fail. He has not participated in any of the tournaments. He, therefore, decided to indulge in music after his fail.

Juha Helppi was born in 1977. He has played in the World Series of Poker twice and once in the World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour. After venturing into professional poker, he became a big name as he managed to win the games he participated in and knocked over the previous pros. Helppi has been awarded the Caribbean Poker Classic Extreme Poker bracelet after winning in his game against Phil Laak. This was in the year 2005. He wanted ahead and defeated other famous players hence winning the Premier League Poker. He was given the honor to choose the location for the next year where he chose Kemi, Gulf of Bothnia.

Jens Kyllonen is an online professional poker player. He was born in 1989. He is the youngest poker player to win over $1 million. He won the European Poker Tournament in 2010. He has won other stacks over time. He still plays online poker up to date and indeed, he is a pro in the game. He has won more than six games. He is termed as the best poker player in Finland which led him to secure the position of the poker couch for a training website.