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Post-Game Stat Correction Costs Man Daily Fantasy Victory And $997K

After The Chicago Bears' Defense Lost Credit For A Sack, The Fantasy Football Manager Took Home Just Over $3,000


A post-game stat correction in Monday night’s football game between the Chicago Bears and the Los Angeles Rams cost one fantasy football enthusiast a near seven-figure score.

According to an ESPN Chalk report, a 41-year-old insurance agent from St. Louis thought he won $1,000,000 after winning a DraftKings tournament. When the clock struck zero on the Rams’ 24-10 victory, one of Rob Huntze’s lineups scored 92.79, more than any other lineup out of the 176,470 entries in the contest.

But 30 minutes after the elation of victory, came the agonizing feeling of defeat. In the fourth quarter, the Bears’ defense was credited with a sack of Rams quarterback Jared Goff.

After the game was over, the official scorers decided that the play should be switched from a passing play to a running play, and the tackle was no longer deemed a sack. The scoring change subtracted points from the Bears’ defense and knocked Huntze off the top of the leaderboard and into an 18-way tie for sixth.

Instead of walking away with $1 million, Huntze’s payout was only worth $3,078.94. Huntze told ESPN that in a prior daily fantasy contest, a post-game scoring change cost him $5,000.

DraftKings’ bread and butter is its daily fantasy sports product, but as sports betting has been legalized by an ever-growing number of states, the Boston-based company has also began running online sportsbooks in legal markets.

Earlier this week, its sportsbook issued refunds to bettors who were affected by a blown call by officials on the game-winning play of a college football game.