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How Gautam Rohilla is Giving Indian Poker Players a Path for the Future

Poker In India Is On the Rise


India is not a country that has a long tradition surrounding poker, or in fact any type of gambling. Usually, young players who are looking to get into poker have some professionals that they can follow, but as India has little tradition, the options for players in the country are minimal.

However, there is one player who is carving a way through and beginning to make a name for himself and that is Gautam Rohilla. At just 23, he’s still young and growing himself but he is also giving younger players someone to try and emulate and follow if they are looking to take their poker gaming to the next level.

Poker in India is on the rise, more people are turning to poker as newcomers and learning how to play. are one of the leading online gambling guides in India, helping new players get through the first steps of their journey.

With sites like this, and with new role models coming onto the scene to give them a local hero to support and follow, things are only set to get bigger and better.

From Fifa to Poker for Rohilla

Although only 23, it is fair to say that Gautam Rohilla has been busy so far in his career. He first rose to fame as a Fifa player, both online and offline, competing in tournaments against others around the world.

He represented India nationally for a period of time, competing in events that could win him up to INR 50k, though moved to poker for the simple reason that Fifa couldn’t offer the same both in monetary terms and fame that poker could.

The path that Rohilla took is one that has brought new interest into the world of poker. As a player on Fifa, sports fans will have known of Rohilla and his exploits while representing the Indian national team.

Some of those will have seen his move into poker and either decided to stick with him and follow his progress, or maybe even try poker themselves as a new hobby. These new players all need to play somewhere and that brings revenue into Indian poker sites. explains which Indian sites are best for poker here so newcomers can get started in the best possible way.

The fact that Rohilla made a name for himself doing something else before playing poker has no advantage to his play, but it does have a big advantage for the industry as a whole. New fans will have followed him over, and these could turn into the next generation of poker players who can really push the Indian market forward and make it thrive.

How Gautam Rohilla Moved up to Big Money Poker Tournaments?

The path Rohilla carved out for himself was one that many people will see and feel comfortable with. He did nothing rash or brave, he simply followed the right steps at the right time and his poker skills have taken him where he is today.

Rohilla began, like many of us did, by playing low buy-in cash games, kept putting his funds back into these but could never make enough money from them to move to the next level. This is when playing in poker tournaments caught his eye and was the next step.

Again, these were low buy-in events, some that lasted for hours but they gave Rohilla a better return on his buy-in. He saw what was needed, while also making himself a better player along the way.

He returned to one-off cash games alongside tournament playing and that was how he made his money and propelled himself onto the bigger games and tournaments that we now see him in today.

Rohilla has always stated that with poker, the more you play, the better you become. It is something he stands by, and something that any new player should remember when they are taking their first steps.

Small buy-ins are vital, as is finding a way to win and build confidence in the early stages. Gautam Rohilla did this by playing in small games, then moving onto small tournaments. When he had both the skills and confidence needed to do well he combined the two which put him on the path towards being a great player and playing in big events like the ones he plays today.

At just 23, we haven’t heard the last from Rohilla, he will be around for a long time and the hope is that his path and what he does in the future can be an inspiration for the next poker players who come from India.