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Caesars Entertainment Makes Masks Mandatory While Inside Casinos

New Policy Forces Everyone To Wear A Mask While Indoors, Except When Eating Or Drinking


Any guest of a casino owned by Caesars Entertainment will be required to wear a mask while inside the facilities.

The gaming giant announced Wednesday afternoon, effective immediately, that all guests inside their properties must wear a mask or facial covering. The only exceptions would be when the guest is eating or drinking. If anyone refuses to wear a mask, they will be forced to leave the property.

The new policy applies to Caesars’ properties nationwide. Currently, the company is operating casinos in Arizona, California, North Carolina, and of course, Nevada. When Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois and Ontario, Canada reopen their gaming markets, the policy will apply to those facilities as well.

The announcement comes just hours before Gov. Steve Sisolak is scheduled to hold a press conference regarding Nevada’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the press conference comes a week after Sisolak asked his medical advisers to review policies surrounding face coverings.

It is expected that the 5 p.m. press conference is to announce a stricter, mandatory mask policy for many indoor businesses.

Before Caesars implemented the new policy, the company ran a promotion that rewarded gamblers on the Las Vegas Strip with $20 if they were wearing a mask.

Guests of Caesars Palace, Paris, Flamingo and The Linq were awarded the money if they were found wearing a mask at tables. According to a Business Insider report, $7,500 was given away to 375 casino guests.

The mandating of mask-wearing from Caesars’ executives effectively ends that promotion.



10 days ago

ZERO chance of me ever returning to Vegas while this utterly stupid policy takes hold. The execs are simply trying to prevent lawsuits. They in fact couldn't care less about staff.

We should be trying to get everyone infected, so we can move past all this COVID nonsense. Only a minute % will die, and even then it will generally be the weak and elderly.

To try and stop it spreading means we can look for to not just years, but DECADES of impact to peoples lives and business. It will utterly destroy everything, by people being paranoid about a virus that causes less death than the flu.

When are people going to wake up?? The governments and the people are actively allowing all the greenies to see their dreams come true. That is to destroy humanity as we know it, just so they can have their way in reducing CO2, to allow taxes to eventually skyrocket, and have everyone controlled and monitored via Gates vaccine and chipping.