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Poker World Has Mixed Reaction To WSOP Online Series

With 85 Online Bracelets Awarded, Some Pros Feel That Massive Online Offerings Cheapen The Value Of WSOP Gold


With the return of live tournament poker still up in the air and the traditional World Series of Poker postponed until at least the coming fall, the world’s biggest poker tournament series announced Monday that it will run 85 bracelet events online this summer.

The move is controversial to many in the poker world as the discussion about whether it would devalue the prestige of a WSOP bracelet. Mixed games specialist and two-time bracelet-winner Brandon Shack-Harris sparked the conversation with a tweet Monday afternoon that questioned whether the massive online series was best for the brand.

His main concern was a watered-down bracelet. When the market is flooded with events that can earn a bracelet in a single day, Shack-Harris felt that the process of battling through a live field for three or four days could lose some of its luster.

Other mixed game grinders agreed as the schedule was made up entirely of hold’em and Omaha variants. Stud and draw games that are typically spread during the live series are unable to be played online due to software capabilities.

The 2012 WSOP main event champion also agreed with Shack-Harris’ perspective.

Others, however, took the opposite side of the debate. The WSOP has been expanding their schedule every year and there was never concern about diluting the value of a victory.

The historic 2003 WSOP that arguably sparked the boom had just 36 events on the schedule. Before it was postponed, the 2020 version was set to award 101 bracelets. What’s another 85 bracelets won online when there are so many won every year in the Rio?

Even within the larger group of players that believe the online events were of no detriment to the brand, there were still slight differences between the opinions. High-stakes online pro Andreas Torbergsen believes that the online winners should have more prestige.

And finally, some players believed that the ever-expanding schedule of online events isn’t only not a detriment to the brand. It’s good for it.



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