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Why Poker Players Should Consider Playing the Slots

Slots Are A Different Kind Of Gamble Altogether And Therein Lies Their Charm


In terms of gambling experience poker and slot machines couldn’t really be further apart. Poker is a game of both luck and skill. Players compete against one another. Their bets essentially set the odds for the other players at the table. Skilled players can make consistent profits. Very poor players will find themselves losing more than their fair share.

Poker demands constant attention from the player, as well a considerable understanding of odds and equities. By contrast, slots require essentially none of the above. Slots are a game of pure luck. There’s no skill in pressing a button. If the reels land in your favour, then happy days, you walk away a winner. If not, unlucky. There is no betting, raising, or calling to be done on slots whatsoever.

Slots are quick and rewarding, not hours to wait before we sleep

For a skilled poker player, playing the slots probably seems like a mug’s game. If they can’t get a win rate, what’s the point? However, they perhaps shouldn’t be so hasty in their appraisals of the widely loved games. Slots are a different kind of gamble altogether and therein lies their charm. Poor players might also expect to win more at slots than they would if they were to sit down with a load of sharks too!
Here are some great reasons why poker players of any skill level can enjoy the slots!

Slots are Fun

Poker is a demanding game. It can be highly stressful and, to play it well, sessions can be exhausting! All that mental focus on your opponents’ actions might make for a more rewarding feeling when you get a read just right, but it’s certainly going to fatigue you eventually.
Slots, for some people, can be a great way to unwind. They still get the thrill of gambling but without any of the pressure to perform. The slot takes care of everything for them. They spin and the symbols either match or they don’t. After a mammoth session at the poker felt, a few spins on a slot can help a player unwind after all that mental exertion.

Slots and No Risk Bonuses

Many online gambling providers operate both a poker room and a casino suite. From time to time, they run promotions that will award free spins or bonus cash with no deposit required. You’ll often find them awarded as part of larger offers such as an advent calendar style giveaway at Christmas time.

Although the amount of free spins or bonus cash is usually very low, it would be foolish to pass these entirely risk-free propositions up. Even those poker players who simply refuse to gamble where they feel they do not have an edge should see the appeal of these bonuses.

Players that understand the odds of different casino games should already know that blackjack will provide the closest thing to a breakeven proposition versus the casino. However, since it’s almost always excluded (or severely limited) in its contributions towards wagering requirements, they will probably need to settle for playing the slots.
Other bonuses can have a positive expected value too. Judging which do relies on an understanding of slot return-to-player ratings and wagering requirements. It’s not too complicated to calculate the profitability of a bonus using the bonus and deposit amount, coupled with the number of rollovers and the return-to-player rating of the most lucrative eligible game.

Play for More Money Faster!

In poker, the maximum amount you can possibly win is proportional to the amount you stake and the number of players you’re up against. For you to turn a single dollar into thousands is possible in the biggest tournaments but you’ll be up against tens of thousands of other players and it’s going to take hours. Even playing the craziest of hyper turbo tournaments will take longer than a single spin on a progressive jackpot. If you’re thinking of turning a single dollar wager into more than a million, you can forget about it too!

There is a certain type of slot machine that offers the chance to win more money than most professional poker players can ever dream of. Truth to be told chances of that happening are extremely low. Examples of such games are Microgamins Mega Moolah and Playtech’s Deal or No Deal. These games can make instant millionaires and have done many times previously.

Of course, such a return is anything but the norm. The odds are long and unfavourable. However, there isn’t a poker game on the planet in which you can bet just a single dollar and win millions. For some poker players, such a win might be what they need to take their playing to the biggest tournaments.

There’s a Time and a Place for Slots

Alright, we know that most of you reading this will have scoffed at its very title. We’re also aware that outside of a handful of lucky folks, there will only be a handful of overall winners at the games. You can’t improve at slots and, winnings aside, you can’t really be on form or otherwise.

However, many of us play poker for the thrill of gambling as much as we do for its money-making potential. When the chips are down, seeing a jackpot roll in is going to feel pretty darned similar to taking down an unexpected monster pot – and it’ll probably be for a lot more money too!



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