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MGM Resorts Proposes Las Vegas Strip Solution For Finishing The 2020 NBA Season

The Proposal Offers The Mandalay Bay As A Hub For Athletes and Their Families While They Play Out Their Remaining Games


Both the Las Vegas Strip and the players of the National Basketball Association are currently sitting idle, sidelined by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. According to the New York Times, MGM Resorts International has come up with a solution that might put both of those parties back in action.

MGM reportedly proposed that their currently unused strip properties could be utilized as a quarantined village that could house professional athletes and their families, as well as league personnel and the media workers required to broadcast the games to fans around the world. This idea would allow the remaining games of the season to be played in a centralized and controlled environment, removing the need for teams to undertake potentially dangerous travel from venue to venue in order to play.

Each NBA team plays 82 games during their regular season, with 16 teams making the playoffs. When play was halted on March 11, the 30 teams of the league had all completed between 63-67 games each, depending on quirks in the scheduling.

The pitch to the NBA and WNBA reportedly offered the Mandalay Bay as the hub of this quarantined block on the south end of the strip, with up to 24 basketball courts to be built in the connected convention center. The Mandalay Bay is connected to the Four Seasons and the Delano, with an enclosed walkway to the nearby Luxor Hotel which would house MGM service staff were the proposal accepted.

MGM’s offer apparently included the use of the trappings of typical Las Vegas vacations for those staying in the quarantined area, including spas, lounges, and even gaming areas.

Similar proposals have reportedly been made to other major sports leagues facing similar difficulties in finishing their current seasons, including the National Hockey League and Major League Soccer.