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Poker Video Spotlight: Jason Koon On Heads-Up Sit-And-Gos

The Poker Pro With $30.9 Million In Career Earnings Shares Strategy Advice About The One-On-One Format


Jason Koon has cashed for more than $30.9 million in live poker tournaments over his career. As a result he now sits in ninth place on poker’s all-time money list.

Back in 2012 Card Player TV caught up with Koon back during the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker main event at The Bicycle Hotel & Casino for a video interview. At that point, Koon had yet to rise to the super high roller scene that he is now a staple of and had just $2.7 million in live tournament cashes under his belt.

In the video, Koon discusses some common mistakes novices make when first getting into playing heads-up no-limit hold’em sit-and-gos.

“With beginners, they’re often defending way too much out of position. I would recommend making tight folds out of position and being very aggressive when in position,” offered Koon as a starting point.

“Also, be very selective about what ranges you decide to re-raise your opponent with. I feel that beginners often get themselves in trouble by not having a polarized three-betting range,” continued Koon. “So they’d three-bet a hand like ace-jack, get four-bet, and not know what to do with it. So, make sure that whenever you are re-raising someone,
you know if you are bluffing or if you are doing it for value and are comfortable playing for stacks.”

You can check out the rest of Koon’s advice by watching the full video below:

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