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Gaming Director Tweets Video Possibly Detailing Future Of Brick-And-Mortar Gambling

Joe Bunevith Tweets Video Of How Table Games Will Work With Plexiglass Sneezeguard


A gaming professional tweeted a video of what casino gaming could look like once brick-and-mortar gambling returns to the U.S.

Joe Bunevith, founder of the poker training site Deuces Cracked and a director of Las Vegas gaming company Synergy Blue, tweeted a video Sunday of a tall piece of plexiglass sitting on top of a blackjack table that functions to help prevent the spread of germs between players and dealers.

The piece of plexiglass looks similar to the barriers between a bank teller and a customer, with open areas at the bottom of the structure for chips and cards to be passed between players and dealers, as well as pieces of plexiglass that extend outward to put physical barriers in between adjacent players.

Bunevith told the local Las Vegas Fox affiliate that the video was from Margaritaville Resort Casino in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Even with the added precautions, Bunevith acknowledged that this ultimately won’t stop the virus completely, but should help slow the spread of it.

“It’s kind of like a seat belt on an airplane, right?” Bunevith said to Fox 5 Las Vegas. “It does have some value, how much? That’s to be debated. I’ve actually had a few people remark to me like, ‘oh this would be good. I can keep the guy smoking a cigar to my left, his smoke will be in his area a little bit more.’”

One user on Twitter responded asking about germs being transmitted through cards and chips. Bunevith responded by quote tweeting another account that claimed there would be two dealers at every table. One would be sanitizing chips and the other would be handling cards.

According to Fox 5, Las Vegas casinos have not announced that this structure would be implemented when they reopen.

A Bloomberg report from earlier this month claimed that Las Vegas CEO’s have already discussed the use of masks and gloves by both staff and guests as a precaution when gambling returns.