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Reasons for the Popularity of Online Poker in Norway

More Than 30 Websites Offer Online Poker Games Within the Country.


The game of poker is basic in its simplicity even though there are some rules and strategies to follow. This simplicity of logic in the game is one reason that has made the game very popular among players across the world. Norwegians are not left out of the poker fun. As a matter of fact, the country has produced many professional and successful poker players over the years, including 2014 World Series of Poker main event runner up Felix Stephensen . Thankfully, the online casino has brought a wide variant of poker games to the fingertips of players. is one of the top poker sites that have consistently delivered exceptional fun and entertainment to players. is also one of the most trustworthy sources for gambling in Norway, and Norwegians tends to go here to read reviews and articles before they decide where to play

Online Poker in Norway

Some decades ago, all that players can do is to play with poker teams at brick and mortar casinos. With online casino, poker enthusiasts can now access online poker across the different platforms of their choice. When online casinos were first introduced in the 90s, there were exciting concepts and plans to introduce online poker in Norway. It was a welcome idea as it will give Norwegians the opportunity to play for real money against other players from around the world. With the introduction of online casinos in Norway, online poker began to gain rapid popularity in the country. Over the years, the platform has produced some of the best Norwegian poker players that can compete with anyone on a very high level. Some of these poker pros are Annette Oberstad, Johnny Lodden, Thor Hansen, and Andreas Hoivold.

Around 2013, the gambling law in Norway changed and the online poker concept was completely banned. Well, there is a unique catch to this. Although online poker, as well as other online casino games, was banned in Norway but as long as it is played legally at a Norwegian licensed poker platform, it becomes legal. Technically, online poker in itself is not banned. It’s non Norwegian licensed websites that are banned from providing online poker to Norwegians.

To emphasize this fact, online poker is legal in Norway if the site offering the games is licensed in Norway. The reason for limiting poker sites that can offer games to Norwegian to only Norwegian licensed sites is to protect players from getting duped by unlicensed poker websites. With this, Norway has been able to create a monopoly for Norwegian online poker websites. As it stands, there are over thirty websites offering online poker games to players within the country.

The Growth of Mobile Poker in Norway

Internet enabled devices have enhanced many areas of human life. The introduction of mobile poker has significantly increased the popularity of poker games in Norway. Mobile poker has become the most convenient way to access poker games as they can be played on any mobile device that is compatible with Java.

Although the legal restriction on online casino is a major bottleneck for the growth of gambling in Norway, online poker has continued to enjoy widespread popularity among players in the country.