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Vegas Mayor Wants City To Be "Control Group" For Coronavirus Reopening

In A Heated Interview With CNN, Mayor Carolyn Goodman Continued To Push For Reopening Of Local Economy


In a heated interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Wednesday, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said she wanted its citizens to be the guinea pigs for the rest of the country by fully reopening the local economy.

Goodman has been one of the more outspoken public figures on this side of the economic issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, the former Democrat turned Independent called Gov. Steve Sisolak’s shutdown of ‘nonessential businesses’ ‘total insanity.’

The 81-year-old went on Cooper’s show to discuss why she believes reopening the local economy, including casinos, is the right thing to do. She would like to follow the lead of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, who recently announced the reopening of his state’s economy.

“Let us get started and go back to work,” said Goodman. “We have all these people out of work that can’t even feed their families… We have close to 900,000 families out of work because this wonderful city is shutdown.”

There is plenty of data to make that argument as the interview took place just a day before another 4.4 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits. Thursday’s numbers brought the five-week total since the outbreak to more than $26 million.

As of Thursday morning, there are 3,218 confirmed cases in Clark County and 150 deaths from COVID-19.

Her logic, however, took a turn as the interview went on as Goodman tried to compare the spread of coronavirus to previous pandemics.

“None of those were as infectious,” replied Cooper. “You didn’t have people with ebola on a casino floor.”

“Well, we don’t know that,” said Goodman. “A neighbor of mine died from west nile [virus] because the swimming pool at the next property was full of mosquitos and the people who abandoned the property left the pool full. This is part of life. It’s the challenges.”

At this point, the logic begins to shift and just minutes later, she explains that she offered up the city’s population to take part in a hypothetical experiment in reopening economies.

“How do you know until we have a control group?” when asked by Cooper if the city’s 150 death toll was low because of social distancing measures. “We offered to be a control group. Anyone who knows anything about statistics knows that… I did offer. It was turned down. I offered to be a control group and I was told by our statistician that you can’t do that.”

Her interview wasn’t well-received by many prominent poker pros.

Gov. Sisolak has yet to announce a date for a relaxing of the current restrictions on the economy and the reopening of casinos.

The website for Caesars Entertainment, however, has begun to allow people to book stays at its properties as early as May 15.



10 months ago

Virtually every country in the world has shown proven statistics that when the virus first hits, there is a massive quick exponential growth, until a lockdown is finally set, at which point the growth either plateaus or diminishes from that point onward. Every graph has proven this, and this murdering bitch wants to kill her citizens by going against these blatant facts and allowing them to function in a normal economy. Somebody tie this woman up and stick her in a mental institution!!


10 months ago

Nobody is saying that you still can't stay home you big babies.


10 months ago

I don't know about other parts of the world, but in this country your health, your lifestyle, and how you make your living is your own responsibility. Anyone trying to say that they know better is an oversocialized prick.