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Poker Video Spotlight: Isaac Haxton On Floating

The Super High Roller Bowl Champion Discusses The Sneaky Bluffing Tactic


Isaac HaxtonIsaac Haxton has cashed for more than $27.9 million in live poker tournaments, putting him in 15th place on poker’s all-time money list. The 34-year-old poker pro has earned four seven-figure scores so far in his career, with his largest-ever payday being the $3,672,000 he earned as the champion of the $300,000 buy-in Super High Roller Bowl V.

Back in 2010, Haxton spoke to Card Player TV about the poker strategy concept of ‘floating.’

“Floating basically just means calling with a very weak hand that you ordinarily wouldn’t call with, for almost no reason other than to bluff at some point later in the hand,” offered Haxton when asked to give a brief description of floating for beginning players who hadn’t yet heard of the concept.

When asked about some guidelines for when players might want to attempt to float in no-limit hold’em.

“A good time to float is any spot where you might not have a lot of strong hands that you could call with otherwise; dry boards where you can’t really have a draw and your opponent might be weak some of the time,” said Haxton. “You can float and then you get to the next street, and from your opponent’s perspective, some of the time you have top pair and the rest of the time you have something very weak that you called with. When they check to you, because you only have something strong like top pair or occasionally a float, then you can get away with the bluff once they check.”

To hear the rest of Haxton’s insight on the topic of floating, check out the entire video below:

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