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Report: Tribal Casino Closures Lead To $4.4 Billion In Lost Economic Activity

728,000 People Out of Work At More Than 500 Native American Gaming Facilities


While the American casino industry continues to be in shut down mode, a new report by Meister Economic Consulting points out the dire situation facing the tribal casino across the county.

In the United States, 246 tribes in 29 states operate more than 500 gaming facilities. With the recent closures, the report estimates that tribal casinos have seen 728,000 lose their gaming relatd jobs, $4.4 billion in lost economic activity, $969 million in lost wages, and $631 million in lost federal, state, and local taxes and revenue.

Not only that, but the report finds that the lack of gaming funding is also hurting the local tribal communities as well.

From the report

“These closures are causing significant detriment to Native American tribes, many of which rely heavily on gaming related revenue to pay for tribal government operations, infrastructure, and social and economic programs and services for a Native American population that is already substantially disadvantaged.’”

The situation is just as bleak for major casino operators as well. The Las Vegas Strip, which is now a “ghost town”, will be continue to remain closed after Gov. Steve Sisolak extended his 30-day shutdown to last until at least May 1 and all commercial casinos across the United States remain closed. The American Gaming Association is asking the Trump administration for help in using federal tax money as part of the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program to help gaming companies keep its workers on the payroll and major casino lobbyists began asking Congress for federal bailout money at the start of the shutdowns.

Despite the shutdown, with most of the country under stay-at-home orders online casino and poker play has rapidly increased.



2 years ago

Why not put your gaming online....with same games as your. Casino,make it legal in every state till this is over....


2 years ago

Because that would make sense.


2 years ago

i want to play poker!!!

the bone-headed greedy tribes in california have stalled progress toward online poker(and gaming) for over a decade!!!

oops!!! ever heard of karma? you could have been making millions every year for doing virtually nothing. online gaming has surged this past month and the greedy california tribes are making NOTHING!!!

casinos are a germ factory. some will never go back. i may never go back. get poker legislation up for a vote in 2020.

you screwed up now fix it!!!!!!


2 years ago

Online poker