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Jennifer Tilly Loses With Quads Against Straight Flush For At Least $160,000 Pot

Longtime Actress And Poker Player Tweeted Photo Showing Bob Bright Scooping The Pot In Nosebleed-Stakes Cash Game


Actress and poker player Jennifer Tilly took one of the tougher beats the poker world has seen in a while.

Tilly tweeted a photo Sunday afternoon that showed her losing a pot to nosebleed-stakes regular Bob Bright. Tilly’s quad 10s went up in flames against Bright’s jack-high straight flush for a pot worth at least $160,000.

“Not my day: quads vs. straight flush,” read the tweet that was accompanied by a photo.

The photo showed a board of JHeart Suit10Heart Suit9Heart Suit4Heart Suit10Diamond Suit. Tilly was all in for about $80,000 and showed 10Spade Suit10Club Suit, while Bright tabled 8Heart Suit7Heart Suit and had a stack pushed forward that covered Tilly.

While the stakes were not mentioned in the social media post, it was clear just from the size of the stacks in play that it was nosebleed stakes. Bright had four, brown $25,000 denomination chips in his stack and it appeared that the yellow, $1,000 denomination chips were commonplace in the game. The game took place at the Wynn poker room in Las Vegas, where there is no bad beat jackpot.

Based on the board texture, it’s likely that all of the chips didn’t get into the middle until the river, but it’s safe to assume that money went in on earlier streets given the strength of Tilly’s hand. The photo didn’t show the chips in the pot already, so the total size of the pot remains unknown.

Despite the cooler, one commenter thought that Tilly should’ve been able to get away from middle set on the flop.

Tilly has had a successful acting career spanning several decades and was the first mainstream celebrity to win a World Series of Poker bracelet when she won the ladies championship in 2005 for $158,535. She has slightly more than $1 million in career live tournament earnings.



2 years ago

No bad beat Jackpot???


2 years ago

I just got back from Vegas, and I don't think jackpots are a thing. I know that Flamingo, harrah's, and Bellagio do not have them. I think those are more for regional casinos that need to bring in the regulars. Pros don't want to pay the extra rake.


2 years ago

She's gotten at least $250 million from her divorce with Sam Simon, I don't think she's too worried about not getting a bad beat jackpot.


2 years ago

Ouch. Enatan...LOL.Certainly worthy of Bad Beat jackpot even though most are lower than what she lost. Ouch again.