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Legal Online Sports Betting Spurs Other Online Gambling Growth

Bingo and Other Online Betting Continue to Grow


Bingo has been an incredibly fun game to play socially for years but, with its expansion online in a safe and regulated environment, it is becoming more and more popular in the United States and other countries. This reflects an overall trend in the expansion of global online gambling market which estimates say will reach up to "$80.65 billion by 2025.

In some countries such as the United Kingdom online bingo that more than 45 million bettors visit UK bingo clubs a year.

Many industry insiders are predicting a continued expansion and maybe even a boom for the online bingo industry. In locations where there is a thriving land-based bingo market- North America, Japan, and throughout Europe, for example- regulations may be forthcoming that take the game from the bingo halls to cyberspace. In the United States, New Jersey, already offers its residents a range of online bingo games from a few regulated online operators. And, with Japan discussing with land based casino titans from around the world about building three massive casino resorts in a nation that already loves bingo and other gambling games in a social setting, the expansion will only continue.

North America is without a doubt furthest along in terms of expanding the reach of online bingo with new legislation and open market. With the vast expansion of sports betting in America, legislators are understanding that licensing and taxing online gambling is a good way to raise money for state programs such as education and infrastructure development. The laws and progress still vary greatly from state to state, however.

With online bingo players no longer need to travel to local casinos or bingo halls but can log in at home to fire up the game they love.

One of the best things about bingo is that everyone can enjoy it as it’s one of the most sociable hobbies around. And with online access to the game, you can play with your friends online or in your favorite social setting.