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What This Year's Election Will Mean For Gambling In The U.S

Vast Amount Of Uncertainty In the U.S With the Upcoming Election


With a new decade comes a large amount of uncertainty in political spheres. Not only is there the ongoing split between the UK and EU on Brexit terms but there is also a vast amount of uncertainty in the U.S with the upcoming election and who will be running the country. In this article, we will be looking into what this year election will mean for gambling and how this could affect the industries future in the United States.

The Views Of The Republican Party

The republican party under the current administration has come under vast amounts of scrutiny in recent months as they begin to place unnecessary strain on online lotteries and other gambling platforms. This crackdown in 2018 was as a direct result of the Interstate Wire Act of 1961 that prohibits bets or wages to be transmitted over wires. Though the attempt to regulate online gambling is something that the Trump administration has implemented, its persecution has recently been put on hold due to a new ruling in New Hampshire to legalise gambling such as this following in the footsteps of other states that have since legalised online gambling.

In addition to this, there is increased pressure from some of the republicans main backers such as casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson. This billionaire supporter is in a crusade against internet gambling claiming that he will spend “whatever it takes” to support the ban against online gambling. This was then also backed up by Lindsey Graham and Jason Chaffetz who have introduced the Restoration of America’s wire act to the senate. This bill outlines the expansion of the 1961 bill to include phone and wire waging to also include internet gambling in all its forms.

The Opinions Of Democratic Party

However, the opinion of the democratic party is quite the opposite as the front runner Joe Biden speaks to crowds in Las Vegas towards the end of 2019 about his support on the matter. This comes just a few weeks after fellow candidate Andrew Yang expressed his support for legal online gambling across the United States. This comes at a crucial time for this party during the election as the Office of Legal Counsel begin to implement the wire act to all forms of interstate gambling.

When asked about his support of online gambling in July of 2019, Biden said:
“I would reverse the White House opinion that was then reversed and overruled by the court. The court is correct. That should be the prevailing position.”

The former vice president and current front runner appear to be making a vast amount of ground when working towards a safe, corruption-free and fair online gambling environment for those that wish to use it.

Despite the differing opinion of the different parties, the future of online gambling in the United States remains undetermined. However, it is the Democratic party that is likely to openly support online gambling during this presidential race, however, this is a difficult time for many as the legislation is still in place under the leadership of the Trump Administration as they continue to crack down on this new wave of online gambling.