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Entrepreneur Agrees To Heads-Up Challenge For $800K With Poker Pro Phil Galfond

Galfond Will Play 50,000 Hands Of Heads-Up $100-$200 PLO Against Bill Perkins & Group Of Streamers


It’s been a long time since the poker world saw a good ol’ fashioned nosebleed-stakes heads-up challenge.

Nearly seven years since the last time a hand of the “Durrrr Challenge” was played, Phil Galfond is starting a similar challenge of his own.

The three-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner and legendary high-stakes cash game player has announced the details of the first “Galfond Challenge” match on his Twitter feed a few days ago. Galfond will square off in a heads-up match of $100-$200 pot-limit Omaha against Bill Perkins or any one of the 10 streamers from Perkins’ Twitch channel, known as “The Thirst Lounge.”

The match will take place on Galfond’s own online poker site, Run It Once Poker, that launched earlier this year and named after his training site. Galfond will battle against Perkins and company for 50,000 hands or until one party has lost $400,000.

As with the defunct “Durrr Challenge,” there is more money up for grabs in side bets. Galfond is laying Perkins 4:1 on $200,000. If Perkins and his team win even a single dollar from Galfond at the end of 50,000 hands, Galfond will pay up another $800,000.

If Galfond were to lose the maximum in the match, he would be out $1.2 million.

Perkins cast the “Thirst Lounge 10” at the start of the year. Among the streamers are poker pro Kelly Minkin, “Survivor” season 33 champion Adam Klein, Ebony Kenney and “Big Brother Canada” season 2 winner Jon Pardy.

The match is expected to start in January. Galfond has tweeted that the details of other matches are still being finalized and are expected to be announced soon. He is currently offering 5:1 on a $200,000 side bet for any non-Run It Once training site coaches to take the bet.

The “Durrrr Challenge” was issued in 2009 when Tom Dwan offered 3:1 on a $500,000 wager for anyone who could beat him over 50,000 hands at heads-up no-limit hold’em. The matched must be played with blinds of at least $200-$400 on four tables at once.

Who was the only player that Dwan wouldn’t accept action from? Galfond.

Patrik Antonius and Dan Cates accepted the challenge and the matches took place on Full Tilt Poker. Black Friday put a serious wrench in these matches, especially with Full Tilt’s history and neither match has been finished.

Through his match with Antonius, Dwan won nearly $2.06 million over the first 39,436 hands of the match. Cates, on the other hand, won more than $1.2 million in just shy of 20,000 hands. Cates and Dwan last played a hand of the challenge in 2013. There are no signs that these matches will ever be completed.



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This is the opposite of how edges work over long term.