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PPPoker Is The App For Poker Lovers

Check Out The Dominant App In The Mobile Poker Scene


Over the past few years, PPPoker has risen up through the ranks to become the dominant app in the mobile poker scene, with users across over 100 countries and thousands of clubs created through the app. The massively popular app has clocked several million downloads to date.

In this article we’ll take a look at just what it is about PPPoker which makes it such a go-to option for poker players worldwide, as well as some recent innovations which they’ve brought to the game.

Power To The People

The key focus for PPPoker is the players, and through enabling any player to open their own private club, they are bringing poker from the corporate HQ back to the streets, and the people who play there!

It is highly recommended that on joining a club you choose one which is either run by a friend or acquaintance, or is a large and established club with a strong reputation. There are clubs of all sizes on the app, and games running 24/7 in the larger ones.

Thriving Community

The focus on community and on the social aspects of poker has made the app extremely attractive to many players, and PPPoker have extended this appeal through the creation of a popular in-app Forum for hand discussion, and several active social media sites for fans and followers to engage with one another and with PPPoker.

They are frequently running promotions and freerolls at PPPoker and offering a variety of bonuses to players. This includes their latest social media campaign “Poker Lovers Wanted” in which you can actually win a $3,000 Poker Cruise just for inviting players to the app!

Player Protection

It is a sad reality for all online poker today that there is a bigger problem than ever with sophisticated forms of collusion and the use of bots. Some sites are simply ignoring these problems, at the risk of alienating players. It’s great to see PPPoker being so active in leading the fight against these kinds of activities.

The dedicated PPPoker Anti-Cheating Team are battling the bots to ensure that all of the games running on the PPPoker app are free from such issues, and they are doubling down on these efforts in 2019 with the refinement of their automated systems for detection of these activities.

There are also dedicated feedback mechanisms within the app for instantaneous reporting of any suspicious activity noted in game.

Wide Range Of Games

Something which draws a lot of players to PPPoker is the wide range of game choice available. Staple favorites such as NLH and PLO are the main spread, but they are also one of the largest sites in the world for Open Face Chinese Poker, and run 5 Card PLO, not to mention a lot of tournaments. The clubs are also able to run their own MTTs and SNGs, as well as Flash Poker (fast fold format). Read on for PPPoker’s latest exciting releases!

New Features

2019 has been a big year for new releases on the PPPoker app, starting with the launch of their multi-tabling option. Players can now participate in up to three tables at once on the app, with active decisions flagging up when they need attention. This is a godsend to serious players and has proved very popular.

They have also released two new formats in the past few weeks – the first of these is SpinUps, in the short-handed Jackpot format. These are fast and furious, and give players the chance to spin up a huge win from a small starting point!

The second recent release is Mixed Games, an exciting combination of NLH and PLO where the player on the button can choose whether to spread NLH or PLO for that hand. Now fans of both formats can have it all at once at the same table!

The Only Poker App You’ll Ever Need

With a reliable, slick interface and outstanding customer support, PPPoker really has it all, including a lot of soft action to be found! This is a killer combination which is simply tough to beat, and most copycat apps are failing due to poor customer service, server downtime or downright corruption. Players are safer picking an app with a great track record and strong infrastructure such as PPPoker. Most players who come to the app now say they wouldn’t consider playing anywhere else.

Why play with the jokers when you can play PPPoker? All new players are welcomed with a 3,000 Gold bonus for use in-app. Why not check out PPPoker today?

PPPoker – By poker lovers, for poker lovers!