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WATCH: Full House Loses To Straight Flush For $400K Pot Twice

Despite Running It Twice, An Open-Ended Straight Flush Draw Scooped The Whole Pot When It Made A Straight Flush On Both Boards


The partypoker LIVE series in the Bahamas is in full swing. With an assortment of high-stakes buy-in tournaments, including the $250,000 Super High Roller Bowl Bahamas, cash games of absurd stakes are likely to break out.

At least one nosebleed cash game was running in the Caribbean and it brought one of the worst beats that poker has seen in quite some time.

Owner of U.K. casino Dusk Till Dawn and partner of partypoker Rob Yong posted a video of a $400,000 pot to his Twitter feed Tuesday afternoon. The video showed a completed board in which a player with Q-9 got all in on a QSpade Suit 9Spade Suit 9Heart Suit flop against another player who flopped an open-ended straight flush draw with JSpade Suit10Spade Suit.

The players decided to run it twice. On the first runout, the 8Spade Suit hit on the river. On the second board, the KSpade Suit came on the turn, giving the underdog both halves of the pot with a straight flush over a full house.

Yong didn’t mention who was in the game or which players had each hand, but Jean-Robert Bellande confirmed he was there when he shared footage of the same hand from a different angle later that day.

You can watch the video below: