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Missouri Bartender Gets Winning Lottery Ticket As Tip

Missouri Bartender Earned $50,000 When Her Powerball Ticket Matched Four Numbers And The Powerball


A Missouri bartender ended up with a $50,000 tip thanks to a patron who was fond of gambling.

Last week, Taylor Russey, a staff member of Bleacher’s Bar, was given a lottery ticket as a tip by one of her customers, according to a CNN report. Russey said that this wasn’t out of the ordinary for this specific man, who was a recurring face at the bar.

“One of the regulars will buy the rest of the regulars in the bar lottery tickets every now and then, especially when it’s high,” Russey told CNN.

The customer handed out several Powerball tickets to employees of the bar. The day after the drawing, the bar was notified that a winning ticket was purchased at their business.

“I was like, ‘Guys, who won all this money and didn’t tell anybody?’” said Russey.

Russey was unaware at the time the business was notified. After taking a look at her ticket, however, and realizing that she was the one with the ticket that matched four of the five white-ball numbers, plus the Powerball that was drawn on October 19.

The ticket was worth a $50,000 payday. It was the second time this year that a Powerball ticket worth at least $50,000 was purchased in Missouri this year.

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The second to last paragraph is just pure grammatical butchery. Does anybody proof read at this place?


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Who gives a shit but you?