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WATCH: High-Stakes Poker Pro Garrett Adelstein Makes Insane Cash Game Fold

Adelstein Check-Folds The River Facing a $14,500 Bet On Live At The Bike!


Garrett Adelstein made one of the sickest folds that the poker world has seen in quite some time.

The former Survivor cast member was playing in a live-streamed $50-$50-$100 cash game on Live At The Bike! last week and only added to his reputation as one of the best live players on the planet after casually folding the second-nut straight on the river against the nut straight.

A fellow high-stakes regular from Southern California named Andy raised to $300 from the hijack with QDiamond Suit10Diamond Suit. Adelstein called from the third blind with 10Spade Suit7Club Suit. Andy started the hand with just shy of $50,000 and Adelstein had him covered.

On a flop of 9Club Suit8Heart Suit2Diamond Suit, Adelstein checked and Andy bet $300. Adelstein called.

The turn was the JDiamond Suit and Adelstein checked again. Andy bet $475 and Adelstein check-raised to $2,500. Andy three-bet to $8,000 and Adelstein called.

The river was the 5Heart Suit and Adelstein checked. Andy bet $14,500 and Adelstein went into the tank, talking it over for a while before eventually letting his hand go.

You can watch Adelstein mull over his river decision in the clip below:

Live at the Bike! is a live, web-streamed poker game that takes place at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California. Daily streams of the action are free to watch live on their site Monday – Friday starting at 6 p.m. PT.