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Dan Bilzerian: "I Beat This One Dude For $54 Million"

The "Instagram King" Went On The True Geordie Podcast To Discuss Poker Career And Lifestyle

Print-icon ImagesOn his recent appearance on the True Geordie Podcast, Dan Bilzerian claimed that he was the pioneer of the loose-aggressive style that many of poker’s best commonly use in today’s environment.

Bilzerian made the appearance on the podcast at the end of the 2019 World Series of Poker and spoke to the hosts mostly about his lavish lifestyle. He was, however, candid about the several poker questions he was asked.

“I was one of the first guys who played loose-aggressive and that’s the adopted style nowadays and I was one of the first people that pioneered that,” said Bilzerian.

Along with the assertion that he created the ‘LAG’ style, Bilzerian talked about how he amassed his wealth and how he never wanted to associate with poker players.

According to Bilzerian, he never had a trust fund, but he wanted people to continue to believe that story so that he could get into softer high-stakes games. He alleged that those soft high-stakes games were how he amassed his wealth.

“I let people think that I had a big trust fund and that’s how I got all my money because that allowed me to get into those really good games,” Bilzerian said on the podcast.

The combination of playing more hands in an aggressive fashion with the nosebleed-stakes private games he was playing in led to one of the more interesting stories he told on the podcast.

Bilzerian said that he beat one player for $54 million and called it ’his Scarface moment.’

Bilzerian has been a controversial figure in the poker community for several years. While he isn’t regularly seen on the tournament trail, he is known to play some of the very biggest stakes available and posts about it on Instagram to his 27.6 million followers.

Several poker pros, most notably Doug Polk, have came out and said that Bilzerian is not a talented poker player. In 2017, he said it was ‘helpful’ when pros criticize his game and he told Card Player in 2016 that he had lost a few million playing poker that year.

The podcast was released in video form on YouTube July 16 to True Geordie’s 1.5 million subscribers. You can see the whole podcast below:



almost 3 years ago

Super/System came out the year before this tool was born, but sure, he created the LAG style. What a joke.