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Jonas Lauck Wins 2019 World Series of Poker $1,500 Super Turbo Bounty No-Limit hold'em Event

German Poker Pro Tops Field of 1,867 Entries To To Win His First Bracelet and $260,335


It took less than 16 hours for a field of 1,867 entries in the 2019 World Series of Poker $1,500 super turbo bounty no-limit hold’em event to be narrowed down to a champion. When the dust settled it was 32-year-old German poker pro Jonas Lauck that emerged victorious with the $260,335 top prize and his first WSOP gold bracelet.

“It was a little bit surreal because there were so many all-ins and it goes so quick,” Lauck said after coming out on top. “To me, it was a special win because once before, I was heads-up and I lost it. But once you have the bracelet, it feels very good.”

Lauck had indeed fallen just short of the gold before, having finished as the runner-up in the 2014 WSOP $1,500 ante only no-limit hold’em event. This time around he was able to seal the deal, securing the title and 1,080 Card Player Player of the Year points. This was his second final-table finish of the year. He now sits in 156th place in the 2019 POY race, which is sponsored by Global Poker.

With a super turbo structure and bounties on every player, it’s no surprise that this event lasted just one day. Lauck helped speed things along at the final table, knocking out seven of his eight opponents to close things out in less than two hours.

Edward courage was the lone player who didn’t fall to Lauck at the final table. He ran pocket eights into the pocket aces of Aaron Johnson, who flopped top set to all but seal things. Courage earned $20,7923 for his ninth-place finish.

Despite that win, Johnson was the next to go. His ADiamond SuitQSpade Suit couldn’t overcome Lauck’s pocket kings, and Johnson was sent to the rail in eighth place ($26,992). Just 13 hands later, Lauck picked up another monster in pocket aces. Lauck called Arron Woodcock’s all-in and held to send him home in seventh place ($35,412).

Lauck then busted Aaron Pinson (6th – $46,951) and Anil Jivani (5th – $62,901) to take a massive lead into four-handed action.

Markus Gonsalves shoved from the cutoff for seven big blinds with 7Heart Suit5Heart Suit. Lauck called with KHeart SuitQHeart Suit on the button and promptly flopped top pair and the best flush draw. He held up from there and Gonsalves was knocked out in fourth place ($85,141).

A preflop race saw Fernando Viana sent home in third place. He got all-in with ASpade SuitQSpade Suit but could not outrun the 9Club Suit9Diamond Suit of Lauck. Viana was awarded $116,426 as the third-place finisher.

With that Lauck took home than a 3-to-1 lead into heads-up play with Robert Bickley. The final battle lasted all of two hands. Lauck limped in from the button with 10Club Suit6Club Suit for 500,000 and Bickley raised to 1,500,000 holding KHeart SuitKClub Suit. Lauck called and the flop came down 5Club Suit4Diamond Suit, giving Lauck both a flush and a straight draw. Bickley bet 1,500,000 with his overpair and Lauck raised to 4,000,000. Bickley shoved and Lauck called to put him at risk. The turn was the JSpade Suit to keep Bickley ahead, but the 7Club Suit gave Lauck the flush to secure the pot and the title. Bickley earned $160,820 as the runner-up finisher.

Here is a look at the payouts and POY points awarded at the final table:

Place Player Payout POY Points
1 Jonas Lauck $260,335 1080
2 Robert Bickley $160,820 900
3 Fernando Viana Da Costa $116,426 720
4 Markus Gonsalves $85,141 540
5 Anil Jivani $62,901 450
6 Aaron Pinson $46,951 360
7 Arron Woodcock $35,412 270
8 Aaron Johnson $26,992 180
9 Edward Courage $20,793 90

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