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Sports Bettor Doesn't Hedge, Wins $100,000 On St. Louis Stanley Cup Futures Bet

Scott Berry Turned Down $75,000 For His $400 Ticket


St. Louis Blues With The Stanley Cup (Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)When the St. Louis Blues were one win away from winning the Stanley Cup Final with a 3-2 lead in the best-of-seven series, Scott Berry was one win away from turning a $400 bet into a $100,000 score.

The Blues lost Game 6 at home which sent the series to a decisive Game 7 in Boston Wednesday night. The Blues won the game 4-1 and won their first Stanley Cup in franchise history, while Berry, a die-hard Blues fan, was able to cash his ticket.

According to ESPN Chalk, Berry didn’t hedge his bet at all and took home the full six-figure score.

“I might be the captain of the Titanic that goes down, but I’ll still be the hero,” Berry told ESPN before Game 6.

Berry made the $400 bet while he was on a work trip in Las Vegas back in January. His favorite team was dead last in the Western Conference and he got 250:1 odds on them to win the Stanley Cup.

According to reports, Berry turned down as much as $75,000 for his ticket on PropSwap when the Blues were up 3-2 in the series. He also has no plans of flying to Vegas to place another bet on the Bruins to lock up at least a small payday.

“I feel like I’m in this with the team and I don’t want to lay any of it off,” Berry told ESPN. “I put the bet down in January for $400 to win $100,000. That was the best… I’m very superstitious and don’t want to ruin any juju.”

In March, one sports bettor bet $1,500 on the Texas Tech University men’s basketball program to win the NCAA National Championship. A victory would net him $300,000. The Red Raiders made it to the championship game before losing to the University of Virginia. That bettor didn’t hedge either.

“If I end up being the Texas Tech bettor 2.0, then so be it. I’ll live with it,” said Berry.

Berry doesn’t have to live with that same regret. Instead of regret, he gets to live with a six-figure payday.

Berry’s winning bet was made at the Paris Hotel and Casino sportsbook, a Caesars property. According to ESPN reporter Ben Fawkes, Caesars is reporting a six-figure loss on the Stanley Cup Final, while the Westgate took a small loss on the Blues’ championship.



over 2 years ago

Not hedging when offered $75k was the worst possible play that one could make. Although I believe the $75k offer was fictional. Nothing about that offer makes any sense.