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World Series Of Poker Runner-Up Tony Miles Competes On American Ninja Warrior

Miles Completes Two Obstacles But Loses $125,000 Bet With Shaun Deeb


Tony MilesTony Miles appeared on the 11th season of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior on Wednesday night, giving a bit of a sweat to fellow poker pro Shaun Deeb.

Miles, who finished runner-up in the 2018 World Series of Poker main event for $5 million, made a prop bet with Deeb that he could not only get on the game show, but also complete the qualifying course and hit a buzzer. Deeb, who won the 2018 WSOP Player of the Year award, gave him 25:1 odds on $5,000.

Miles was a long shot to accomplish the task, especially considering that many top athletes wait weeks in line for a shot at a walk-on spot on the show. His odds got much better in February when it was announced that he was selected to be on the program.

Miles trained for months for the opportunity before competing in Atlanta, and even managed to make it through the first two challenges in Shrinking Steps and Off The Hook, before falling on a balance obstacle called Block Run.

The Orlando, Florida resident was able to get the prop bet mentioned on air, and had sideline reporter Zuri Hall hold $5,000 in cash while he ran the course. Although Deeb was never mentioned by name, his $125,000 payout was allegedly waiting for Miles in a suitcase had he made it through.

Although Miles failed to collect this year, he can still win the bet if he manages to complete the course in the next two years, with his payout reduced on each subsequent attempt.