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Two Gamblers Suing Philadelphia Casino After Losing $250,000

Lawsuit Cites 2018 Fine From Gaming Control Board For Using Faulty Shuffle Machines And Illegitimate Decks


Two gamblers lost $250,000 at a Philadelphia casino and are claiming that it was due to faulty shuffling machines and illegitimate decks, according to a lawsuit filed in a federal court.

New Jersey resident William Vespe and Philadelphia native Anthony Mattia filed a lawsuit last week against SugarHouse casino for failing to ‘provide an honest wagering environment.’

Last year, the casino was fined $100,000 by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board for using decks that didn’t contain all the necessary cards and for failing to fix shuffling machines that were flashing warning lights.

These infractions took place at blackjack, poker, and mini-baccarat tables.

Vespe and Mattia say that over an eight-month period, they lost a combined $250,000 because of these faulty machines and improper decks.

Vespe claims he lost $147,026, while Mattia says he lost $103,844. They argue that if SugarHouse didn’t commit gross negligence, they wouldn’t have lost such a large sum. They are suing both SugarHouse and its parent company, Rush Street Gaming, for an unspecified amount.

“The thrill in playing table games at SugarHouse is knowing that while the odds are against them, they can still ‘beat the house,’” Steven Feinstein, the attorney for the two men, told “But that all goes out the window when a casino uses broken equipment or ‘illegitimate’ decks as Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board previously found SugarHouse to have done.”

SugarHouse is denying the claims and said that they cannot comment on the specifics of the situation because of pending litigation.