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Gambler Could Turn $400 Into $100K With St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Victory

Fan Got 250:1 Odds When The Blues Were Out Of Playoff Contention


After defeating the San Jose Sharks on Tuesday night in the NHL’s Western Conference Final, the St. Louis Blues are just four wins away from winning the Stanley Cup.

One Blues fan and recreational gambler will take home $100,000 if the Blues can hoist the Cup, according to a report from ESPN Chalk.

In January, Scott Berry was in January to operate a booth at a sales conference. At the time, the Blues were out of playoff contention and earlier in the month, they were dead last in the league. Before heading to the airport to catch his flight home, Berry decided to place a $400 bet on the Blues to win the Stanley Cup and another $100 on the St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series.

Berry placed the bet at the sportsbook in Paris Las Vegas, a Caesars property. With his favorite team looking like a longshot to make the playoffs, he was able to get 250:1 odds on them winning it all.

“I bet with the heart on this one,” Berry told ESPN. “Before I hit my flight I decided that had I been here gambling, I probably would’ve lost around $500, so I pulled that out of the bank account. My max withdrawal was $500, so that was all I could take out. I put $100 on the Cardinals at 15:1 and dumped the rest on the Blues.”

As the Blues made it deeper into the playoffs, Berry began receiving offers to buy his ticket on PropSwap, a website that allows gamblers to sell their futures tickets to other gamblers at an agreed upon price.

Before game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals against the Dallas Stars, Berry turned down $20,000 for his ticket. Last week, during the Western Conference Finals against the Sharks, he was offered $40,000. Now, they square off against the Boston Bruins in a best-of-seven game series for the Stanley Cup.

Berry doesn’t plan on selling the ticket. He’s going to ride it out and hopefully earn a six-figure score.

The last person to have this big of a sweat was an anonymous gambler who stood to win $300,000 if Texas Tech University won the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship. He didn’t hedge or sell the ticket and Texas Tech lost to the University of Virginia.

“I heard about that Texas Tech guy, and that was a shame,” said Berry. “I don’t want to be that guy. I want this to have a happy ending.”



over 2 years ago

"I want this to have a happy ending. " Then be smart and sell your future now.. If your max withdrawal is $500, you shouldn't be gambling with so much potential. Make your money, and gamble some on the final anyway. That way, you still have a sweat, but make the profit. Win win..