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WATCH: Poker Pro Rivers Royal Flush To Outdraw Quads

Veldhuis Gets Runner, Runner Royal While Streaming Live On Twitch


Lex Veldhuis has been a high-stakes poker pro for over a decade. He’s been involved in many memorable poker hands from his appearances on episodes of the now-defunct High Stakes Poker and PokerStars’ The Big Game.

While streaming on his Twitch channel last week, the now 35-year-old added another memorable hand to his resume.

In one of the early levels of a six-max PokerStars tournament, Veldhuis raised AHeart Suit10Heart Suit from under the gun, was called by the player on his left, and three-bet by the player in the big blind. Veldhuis moved all in for his 50 big blinds and was called by the big blind, who had pocket queens.

The big blind flopped a full house, but Veldhuis hit perfect runners to make a royal flush. The QHeart Suit came on the river, which also gave the big blind quad queens.

According to the Card Player poker odds calculator, the Dutch poker pro was less than one percent to win the hand after the flop, with his only outs being running aces or perfect runners for a royal flush.

Veldhuis has nearly $700,000 in live tournament earnings and more than $1.1 million in online tournament winnings.

Watch the entire hand below:

Photo credit: PokerStars Blog.