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Las Vegas Sports Bettor On Historic Jeopardy Pace

Through Nine Games, James Holzhauer Has Racked Up $566,660 In Winnings


James Holzhauer, a Las Vegas professional sports bettor, continued his meteoric rise through the Jeopardy! record books on Tuesday evening.

After shattering the single-game record last week with a $111,000 victory, Holzhauer nearly broke his own record with another six-figure score. He won $106,181 and now has the top three single-game performances.

With the victory, he has won nine games in a row and became the second player to move past the $500,000 mark in total earnings. With a nine-day total of $566,660, he only trails Ken Jennings on the all-time regular play leaderboard. Jennings, who holds the record for the longest winning streak with 74 games, has a sizable lead with $2.52 million in regular play.

Holzhauer has quite a way to go to catch Jennings in either winning streak or money earned, but a closer look at the number shows Holzhauer could be primed for a historic run.

According to The Jeopardy! Fan, a website that compiles statistics from every season of the game show, Holzhauer is performing at a level that even Jennings couldn’t keep up with.

Through their first nine games, Jennings earned $291,158, nearly half of what Holzhauer earned through his first nine victories. However, Jennings holds the edge in most of the categories unrelated to winnings. He has seven more correct responses with 307, was first to buzz in eight more times with 278, and swept an entire category 12 times compared to Holzhauer’s seven.

It’s Holzhauer’s aggressive wagering that is setting him apart and earning him the extra cash. Holzhauer’s average Daily Double wager is nearly four times as much as Jennings’ with his $9,718 average wager compared to Jennings’ $2,450. Holzhauer won $181,285 on daily doubles or about a third of his total winnings. At this pace, he will pass Jennings’ $2.52 million in just 41 games.

Professional gamblers have had a history of success on Jeopardy! In 2015, poker pro Alex Jacob won the Tournament of Champions.