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Former New Jersey Governor Will Be Inducted Into Sports Betting Hall Of Fame

Chris Christie Becomes First Politician Inducted Because Of His Role In Overturning PASPA


Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did so much to expand gambling in his state during his tenure that he will be inducted into the Sports Betting Hall of Fame this April.

Christie becomes the first politician to earn the honor from the Sports Betting Community (SBC), a media and events organization based in London that centers its efforts around the gambling world.

During his time in office, Christie took many steps to make sports betting legal in his state, but none were more important than his role in the landmark lawsuit that led to sports betting becoming legalized on a national level. It was New Jersey that filed the lawsuit that led to the overturning of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which paved the way for the currently booming sports betting market.

While progress was stalled during his eight years at the helm of the Garden State, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in New Jersey’s favor four months after he left office. Even in his life after politics, he has advocated for the federal government to leave sports betting to the states.

When a bi-partisan bill was introduced to the Senate that would give government oversight to the sports betting market, Christie voiced his displeasure for federal involvement in a state issue. His states’ rights argument is what got PASPA overturned after the Supreme Court claimed it violated the 10th amendment.

In recent years, New Jersey has been one of the nation’s leaders in gaming. With regards to sports betting, the state took a whopping $319 million in wagers in January. With other gambling activities taken into account, the state collected $19.9 million in taxes from its gaming operators.

Christie will be formally inducted on April 25 in Manhattan. In addition to being the first politician, he will also be the first American to receive the honor from the London-based organization.