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Global Trends In The US Casino Games Sector

Many Changes Happening In the US Gambling Sector During 2019


There are many changes happening in the US gambling sector during 2019 which are going to help make the USA one of the main as online destinations for American gamblers. This is due to law changes that are taking place in states which are overturning restrictions to make it legal. Here are the current trends and this site discusses US gambling laws in more depth should you want to know more.

Online Gambling Trends US

Over the last couple of decades, there has been a switch from land-based establishments to online casinos by punters due to the ease of access. The gambling industry produces billions in revenue each year but most of the money that is generated is through illegal gambling due to punters having to access overseas sites due to US gambling restrictions. That has meant that the tax man has been losing a fortune which is why now states are choosing the regulatory route instead of a complete ban.

New Jersey is one of the state’s leading the way as the have gambling friendly regulations in place. In 2019 Pennsylvania, California and New York are all expected to follower New Jersey by lifting bans in place.

Social Gaming Apps

Social casino gaming in the US is on the rise and now is one of the most important sectors in the USA due to the amount of revenue it generates. Of the top 100, iPhone apps 16 are social games in the US and the popularity is increasing fast each year. It has created huge investment in new casino game applications and in 2019 there will be many that will take the internet by storm. The most popular are multiplayer games which have been a limited choice in the past at online casinos.

VR And AR Casino Games

Technology has always been the main driving force in casino development and we are now getting to a point where new tech can be used to create experiences that have never been experienced before when gambling. One of the main breakthroughs has been in the development of VR and AR technology for smartphones. Now the latest mobiles offer graphics in both types of reality which means you can play the most realistic titles in virtual environments. These will become extremely popular as more players get access to the tech and costs to come down to make it more affordable.


In 2019 expect more online casinos in the US to focus on social games and start to implement VR and AR titles to their library. Due to the level of demand from the Esports sector, there will be more platforms starting to add this option to their casino to cater to this vast new industry. With more favorable gambling laws in place, the USA could finally become the best destination for online casinos. It is exciting times for American gamblers and finally, they will be able to place bets in a secure regulated environment rather than having to access overseas sites illegally.