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Former Navy Officer Steals $2.7 Million From Government For High-Stakes Poker Habit

Fraudulent Scheme Puts Former Navy Officer Away For Four Years


A former Navy Officer from Virginia Beach was sentenced to four years behind bars last week for stealing $2.7 million from the federal government.

The crime allowed Lt. Randolph Prince to buy a second home and live a lifestyle that a career in the military would not support, but it also helped him finance his high-stakes poker endeavors.

The Virginia Beach resident scammed the government out of the seven-figure sum by running a scheme creating fictional companies operated by his criminal associates. The fake companies would apply for government contracts, which Prince helped them obtain.
Prince and his partners would create fraudulent documents showing that the goods were delivered, they would keep the money, while the Navy failed to obtain any of the necessary goods they filed for.

When the money was received, it would be split up between Prince, Lt. j.g. Courtney Cloman and Clayton Pressley III, a Bronze Star recipient.

Last August, Prince pled guilty to multiple counts of wire fraud and for falsifying a tax document. Pressley was already behind bars when the sentencing came down. He was serving time for identity theft and got an additional two years in prison thanks to his role in the ‘company.’

Cloman has yet to be sentenced. His sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 7.