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Indianapolis Charity Poker Room Under State Investigation: Report

State Officials Looking For Violations


A charity poker room in Indianapolis that generated nearly $4 million worth of rake last year is under investigation for undisclosed reasons, according to a report from

The poker hall, run by the Northside Knights of Columbus, had a profit of $150,000 last year, per a state Gaming Commission report.

The poker room, which runs games twice a week, told the IndyStar that it believes the investigation stems from minor issues such as not prominently displaying rule signs such as one that reminds players that tipping the dealers is not allowed under the state’s charity gaming regulations.

The charity gaming operation, which has eight poker tables, also said that it thinks state officials were contacted by a disgruntled poker player who was banned from the games.

The poker games are continuing while the state takes another look at the operation.

The investigation into the poker room follows last year’s crackdown of a charity poker room in nearby Fort Wayne, Indiana. The state of Indiana said that the Fraternal Order of Eagles 3512 room only gave a small fraction of its gaming revenue back to charity.



8 months ago

Maybe because of all the cheating going on. I quit going a couple years ago because there was so much cheating. I would love to go back if they would take steps to stop the cheating. Swapping decks with new decks, rotating dealers, having the person with the dealer button cut the cards, banning reflective objects and coffee cups in front of the dealer, counting the cards frequently to prevent cards being held, gettimg rid of dealers who fake shuffle and deal in a non standard way, etc would go a long way to help me trust them again.