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Gambler Caught Cheating At Baccarat Tried To Bribe Agent With Big Macs, Authorities Say

Indiana Gaming Commission Agent Doesn't Accept Fast Food


It’s probably unwise to try to bribe your way out of a gambling-related arrest, but if you do, fast food probably isn’t the way to go. Especially if you don’t even have the grub on you.

An Indiana man was arrested in late July at the Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg for allegedly cheating at baccarat in the form of late betting. In other words, he tried to place a bet after the outcome of the game. The stakes were low, but it’s still a serious crime.

The gambler, 34-year-old Justin Athey, denied trying to cheat the casino when confronted by an on-site agent with the state’s Gaming Commission. However, at some point Athey decided to try a different method to get off the hook.

“When I advised Athey that what he had done was considered Cheating at a Gambling Game
and that it was a Level 6 Felony, he immediately said that he didn’t mean to do it,” an agent with the Indiana Gaming Commission wrote in a probable cause affidavit obtained by Card Player Magazine. “He said I wouldn’t try and cheat the casino. Athey asked if he was going to jail; he said I can’t go to jail, I’m here trying to make my house payment. He also said I’ll get you as many free [McDonald’s] Big Macs that you want.”

The offer didn’t work, as Athey was charged on Aug. 7 with the felony.

If convicted, Athey could face between six months and about two years in prison.