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World Series Of Poker: U.S. Players Have Won 71 Percent Of All Prize Money Awarded So Far

U.S. Players Captured 22 Bracelets Through First 34 Completed Events


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It’s the World Series of Poker, but it’s on American soil and Americans are dominating.

According to statistics provided by the WSOP, American poker players won $54.4 million in prize money as of Thursday. That’s about 71 percent of the $77 million awarded in total so far. Germany was a distant second with just over $4 million. The United Kingdom was third with $3.8 million. America’s neighbor to the north was fourth with $2.3 million.

More than 30 percent Germany’s prize money came from Aymon Hata’s third-place finish for $1.24 million in the $100,000 High Roller won by American Nick Petrangelo for $2.9 million. Additionally, German Arne Kern won the $1,500 Millionaire Maker for $1.17 million, so more than half of Germany’s prize money came from just two players.

Americans won 22 of the first 34 bracelets (64.7 percent), with Germany and the U.K. tied for second with two apiece. Americans outperformed the competition even greater when it came to cashes, or what are known as in-the-money finishes. Through Thursday, U.S. players cashed 6,426 times. That represented 78.6 percent of all the cashes so far. Canada was second with 363.

A lot could change later this summer in terms of America’s share of the prize money. For the first time since 2014, the summer poker festival will run a $1 million buy-in that will award the largest first-place prize of the summer to one lucky player. The event draws some of the best poker players from across the world. The first-place prize in 2014 was $15.3 million.

At the 2017 summer festival, Americans won about 60 percent of the $231 million in total prize money awarded and accounted for 77.6 percent of the participation (number of entries). Americans won 51 of 74 bracelets (69 percent).

Americans accounted for 72 percent of the 7,221 players in the 2017 $10,000 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event, the third largest main event in WSOP history.

By the end of the day on Thursday, 44 of the 78 bracelet events on the 2018 summer schedule will either have been started or completed.

In the WSOP’s storied 49-year history, Americans have so far won 1,136 bracelets between events held on multiple continents, or 78 percent of the 1,451 bracelets awarded. Canada was second all-time with 55 as of Thursday, per the WSOP data.

Americans have won $2.38 billion lifetime in bracelet events, or 71 percent of the $3.33 billion in total. Canada trailed in second with $184.1 million.

U.S. players have recorded nearly 173,000 cashes over the nearly five decades, again overshadowing Canada’s roughly 8,200 lifetime. The 173,000 is 81 percent of the roughly 213,000 cashes in WSOP history.