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Delaware Casinos To Launch Full-Scale Sports Betting On Tuesday

State's Casinos Can Take Advantage Of NBA Finals


The First State will be the first state outside of Nevada with sports betting.

Delaware officials plan for the state’s three casinos to offer single-game sports wagering on Tuesday, per a report from the Associated Press. Delaware will be the first jurisdiction to take advantage of the Supreme Court’s mid-May ruling against PASPA. That 1992 law banned traditional sports betting outside of Nevada, but for nearly a decade Delaware has been allowed to offer parlay bets on NFL games. It was the only state to offer that specific form of limited sports betting.

Delaware casinos will take bets on the MLB, NFL and NBA, which is in the midst of its championship series between the Cleveland Cavs and Golden State Warriors. Additionally, the casinos can take single-game bets on soccer, golf and racing.

“Obviously the key is going to be the football season because the bulk of betting in America is on football,” state Finance Secretary Rick Geisenberger said Thursday. “We’ll learn a little bit in June and July, but we’ll learn a lot more in September.”

Delaware is also one of just four states in the nation with regulated online gambling, which means that gamblers will eventually be able to place sports wagers over the web. For now, however, the bets will be limited to in-person at the casinos, per the report.

The U.S. sports betting market is expected to reach $4b-$6b within the next five years. In Delaware, the parlay bets generate nearly $50 million in wagers per year. That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the roughly $5 billion wagered annually in Nevada sports books.

Delaware being first to full-scale sports betting is sure to ruffle some feathers in New Jersey, which spearheaded the fight to repeal PASPA. New Jersey spent millions to defeat the 25-year-old law, only to see a different state get the PR of being first to launch.

New Jersey is eyeing sports betting by mid-June. Additionally, Pennsylvania is looking to launch sports betting this year. Around 20 states have so far indicated interest in sports books.