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Insane March Madness In-Game Bet On 99.9 Percent Favorite Goes Awry

Gambler Risks $2,000 On Bearcats To Win $26


There’s no such thing as sure bets in sports.

One gambler found that out on Sunday after a huge upset in the second round of the March Madness tournament. Cincinnati, a no. 2 seed in the bracket, climbed to a 99.9 percent favorite to win the game when it was up 65-43 with 11 minutes left in regulation and showed no signs of cooling off, according to ESPN analytics. Cincinnati was favored by 7.5 points prior to tipoff.

Nevada sports books allow bets during the game, not just before. A bettor on William Hill’s in-game sports betting app reportedly bet $2,000 on Cincinnati when the lead was 22. What was the gambler in line to win if the Bearcats held the seemingly insurmountable lead? A measly $26.

$2,000 to win $26, and there were 11 minutes left in the game.

The wild world of sports betting wasn’t going to make it so easy. Nevada ended up going on a 32-8 run and erased the 22-point deficit to knock off Cincinnati to advance to the Sweet 16.

That wager was about as bad as a well-known and ill-fated $8,500 bet to win just $100 (-8,500 odds) on tennis star Novak Djokovic’s Australian Open match back in early 2017.

UMBC’s upset over no. 1 seed Virginia on Friday also produced a big payoff for bettors crazy enough to take a flier on a no. 16 seed. A reported $800 wager on UMBC, before the game started, netted one bettor $16,000. It almost goes without saying that many gamblers suffered losses when Virginia lost, especially those with parlays on the no. 1 seeds.