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Nevada Casinos Will Be Able To Host Marijuana Conferences, Officials Say

Gaming Policy Committee Cements Other Restrictions


Nevada officials are easing up on pot.

Thanks to a booming recreational cannabis industry, state tourism and gaming officials have been grappling with the “intersections” between casinos and the plant. In Nevada, the casinos can’t be involved in the space directly, but that doesn’t mean they won’t benefit indirectly from state legalization.

According to a report from, the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee on Monday moved to give the casino industry opportunities to host marijuana-related conventions without regulatory trouble. Nevada gaming regulators still will not allow casino operators to have any marijuana smoking at their properties.

Prior to this week, the committee most recently met in November to discuss weed.

By hosting a marijuana business convention, the casino industry would be able to avoid direct participation in the space, according to Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval. The plant is still illicit at the federal level. Pot would still be barred from convention spaces, so the business-to-business trade shows would have to be for networking rather than a vehicle for product sales.

In Las Vegas, conventions help drive tourism, which in turn helps drive gaming revenue. Despite kicking off in July, Nevada’s recreational marijuana market was worth nearly $200 million last year.

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