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Kevin Hart Wins Pot After Calling All-In Bet With King-High, Returns €15K To Opponent Out Of Pity

Watch The Crazy Cash Game Hand Featuring Comedian


Renowned comedian Kevin Hart last year played one of the strangest hands in the history of televised cash games, as seen in a video posted to Twitter by PokerStars this week.

The hand, which occurred at the PokerStars Championship Cash Challenge Series now airing in the U.K., features Hart calling an all-in bet on the river with just king-high. Fortunately for Hart, his opponent, Mila Monroe, only had six-high. Hart called bets on all streets, and even re-raised on the river, before Monroe continued her bluff by risking all her chips.

Hart claims to have misread his hand, which meant that he thought the 3Spade Suit was a jack. If what he said was true, he thought he had turned a Broadway straight, which would have been the nuts before the river. He did go into the tank on the river after the board paired, asking if Monroe had a full house—so his story is believable. But could it be an epic and hilarious ruse?

Hart said he was “110 percent” telling the truth. Hart is a poker aficionado and competes in some of the priciest tournaments, but there are other stories of him making interesting plays at the poker table. In 2016, Dan Bilzerian claimed that Hart held quads in a private cash game and didn’t raise his opponent because he thought hold’em had six community cards, not five.

At any rate, Hart won the pot that stood at nearly €40,000 ($47,000 USD). After winning the pot he remarked, “King-high wins? I don’t feel comfortable with that.”

So he returned €15,000 to Monroe out of pity, which the other players apparently had no objection to. Technically, Monroe could have been forced to reload to continue playing.

“No borrow,” Hart said, “I’m giving it back to you so I can take it one more time.”