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Poker Pros Respond To Mexico City Earthquake Tragedy

JC Alvarado, Aaron Been and Angel Guillen Among Players To Help Raise Funds and Volunteer To Help Distibute Supplies To Victims


On Tuesday, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck outside of Mexico City, causing massive damage in the area and killing more than 250 people while trapping and injuring many more. More than 30 buildings collapsed in the city as a result of the quake, which took place on the day of the 32nd anniversary of a magnitude 8 quake that killed over 10,000.

In the wake of this latest quake, the city has responded with residents volunteering their time, money and effort to help their neighbors. Among the many who have answered the call for help were several professional poker players, including Mexican natives JC Alvarado and Angel Guillen, as well as American transplant Aaron Been. The three have been providing supplies to those impacted by the quake and have also reached out to the poker community to raise more funds for things like stoves, lamps and more.

In an Instagram post early on Thursday, Sept. 21 Alvarado said the following:

Today started with my friend Alfredo texting me at 6am saying “I think I have 200 lamps that might help”. 7 hrs later we had 500 Delher stoves, wheelbarrows, hundreds of helmets, gloves, vests, belts, shovels, at least 6-800 more lamps, baby products, food, electrical tools, generators, medicine, and 100+ people coming and going just to help. By the end, we took our last bit of material and went out to the disaster zones in several cars to try to help. We got turned down from 5 places because they had too many volunteers!

It’s been the scariest 36 hrs of my life. I haven’t slept, I can barely spit out a coherent thought and I still feel like I haven’t done nearly enough. I am overwhelmed with emotions by the solidarity I’ve seen here. Everyone is eager to help. From all of my Mexican poker friends getting together to do work, to the wonderful people feeding us, to the uber driver who brought me home saying he’s been driving for 36 hrs non-stop for free. And the global poker community sending donations for us, you’re all amazing!

My faith in humanity is at an all-time high.

We’re still taking donations until further notice. We will likely try to purchase medicine and tools for Morelos tomorrow. Link to donate in profile or on twitter, just please DM me a screenshot of your donation for accounting purposes.

To learn more about the poker player’s efforts and how you can help, check out Alvarado’s Twitter profile by clicking here: @JCAlvarado1