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Dan Bilzerian: 'Helpful' When 'People Talk Sh-t About My Poker' Game

High-Stakes Gambler Denies Role Of Trust Fund


High-stakes poker player and social media celebrity Dan Bilzerian defended the origins of his wealth in an In Depth with Graham Bensinger interview published online this week.

Bilzerian denied the role of his trust fund in establishing his position as one of poker’s biggest playboys. He said his reputation as a fish helped him win millions in private games.

“For me, I just let people talk sh-t about my poker, and that I was bad and that I had a trust fund. ‘Cause that was all very helpful for me to get into these [poker] games… I never cared if people thought that I was good. I never gave a sh-t how people thought that I got my money. I still don’t.”

Bilzerian told Howard Stern back in 2014 that his net worth was $100 million. He is the son of Paul Bilzerian, a wealthy corporate raider at his peak in the 1980s. Vice alleged in 2015 that the younger Bilzerian “is a beneficiary of—and party to—white collar crimes committed by his father.”

Also in the interview, Bilzerian recapped a heads-up match where he had about $18 million on the table. He said he was playing against a billionaire who always had him covered.